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Scan to BIM Services

At Benchmarq we offer a complete Scan to BIM service for existing buildings, plant and other sites. This process utilises laser scanning technology to collect point cloud data and form the basis for a 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM). We use the latest software including Autodesk Revit, Revit MEP, Civil 3D and Recap to create coordinated and attributed models,  if 3D rendered visualisations are required then 3DS Max is also used. All of the modelling is done in-house by our specialist staff.

Upon completion the client will possess a highly accurate 3D building model.

As with all projects of this type we will work closely with the client to establish their exact requirements this involves agreement on the level of detail required at the beginning of the process.

This model can then be used for building modification, design and planning, asset and property management or collaboration between multiple disciplines.

Point clouds are laser scan survey 3D-Point collections that provide a high accuracy representation of an existing physical structure.

A 3D laser scan is taken of the interior and exterior of the building/structure which is then used to create a 3D intelligent BIM model. Using this type of technology cuts down on costs, field time and improves versatility.

Using the latest laser scanning technology we are able to collect extremely precise data for drawing and modelling software such as AutoCAD and Revit. This enables us to reconstruct buildings and structures to pinpoint accuracy.

This information can be used for creating improvements to the building’s design, improvement towards the structure’s life-cycle, faster drafting without the loss of cost and quantity, conflict detection, cost estimation, building maintenance and more.

The data will then be imported and developed inside of Autodesk Revit to create precise insightful 3D BIM models perfectly replicating the as-built environment.

The information from the model can then be used to accurately evaluate the structure; to make design changes, for use in refurbishment, building extension, remodelling of the building and spatial planning.

Using state of the art rendering software we can then go onto create stunning 3D visualisations, fly-through animations and Virtual Reality walkthroughs to effectively communicate and market your building projects.

Using our Autodesk Revit, MEP and Laser Scanning specialists, we can offer the full Scan to BIM package which includes the following services listed below. As we are an Autodesk Authorised Partner and Training Centre, we have access to the latest BIM technology and an extensive knowledge of the software.

  • 3D laser scanning services to deliver refined highly accurate point clouds.
  • 3D modelling services to deliver comprehensive data files that consolidate building/structure graphical representation, physical and functional parameters.
  • On-site building/structure surveys to encapsulate information and update existing/new BIM documents.
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