Reverse Engineering of an Impeller

//Reverse Engineering of an Impeller
Reverse Engineering of an Impeller 2017-05-26T13:27:19+00:00

Project Description


During this project an impeller was scanned for a client using our in-house laser structured 3D scanner for reverse engineering.

The impeller was scanned and imported in to 3D software as a point cloud. Accurate to 10 microns. The scan data was processed and a surface mesh automatically applied. The meshes can be edited to smooth surfaces, add or remove features, or repair broken geometry.

Meshes are analysed by the software and primitive shapes are defined, generating ‘regions’ that are used to guide the reverse engineering of a scanned model. Using the regions, a 3D parametric solid model is built up underneath the scan data.

The solid model and original mesh are overlaid, and a deviation analysis is performed. This is used to check the new solid CAD model is within allowable tolerance from the original scanned product. Once this process is complete, the solid model can be exported ready for 3d printing or machining.

The deviation analysis can also be used to compare an existing CAD model and the respective manufactured part, by importing the CAD data and overlaying the scan data. This allows an engineer to see if the manufactured part is the same as the original CAD model, allowing for easy checking of any respective design tolerances, noting whether they have been manufactured correctly or not.


Project Details