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3D Visuals

BIM 3D Modelling Services

Building Information Modelling has become increasingly essential for today’s building and construction projects. Apart from providing a digital 3D representation of a project it enables better asset information modelling and greater levels of collaboration and interoperability between disciplines.

Benchmarq offer BIM services using a range of modelling software including Autodesk Revit and Civil 3D. If your requirements are to create a 3D BIM model of a new building or for an existing building for extension/refurbishment, building analysis or ongoing property management our BIM consultants have the expertise to help.

We can provide the following services for BIM 3D modelling:

  • 3D model from 2D drawings.
  • Building models for asset management.
  • Building models for energy, solar and spatial analysis.
  • 3D models for visualisation

Scan to BIM for Existing Buildings

We are often required to build intelligent 3D models from point clouds. We can provide a full laser scan and 3D model of a building or create a model from an existing point cloud.

We create 3D architectural and MEP models from laser survey data. We already work with a number of organisations to create accurate models of existing sites. These point cloud BIM models include visible building elements, such as walls, beams, columns, and existing services. Dependant on requirements these models can be built as simple massing models for purposes such as spatial planning to highly detailed informational models for building alteration, asset management or photo-realistic models for display.

These services include:

  • Internal and external laser scans producing highly accurate point clouds.
  • 3D models created from point cloud data
  • Visualisation.
  • Inclusion of Asset information.
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MEP Contractors and Designers

Using the REVIT MEP platform Benchmarq can provide customers with MEP BIM models enabling better coordination of designs and collaboration across multiple disciplines.

The 3D model environment allows us by way of visualisation and analysis to help improve the systems being designed and the relationship of those systems with other building elements and construction disciplines. This enables the resolution of difficult coordination issues earlier in the project life-cycle.

MEP models typically include:

  • Interference checking.
  • Manufacturing information.
  • Detailed schedules.
  • Detailed service plans.
  • 3D walk-throughs.

BIM for Asset, Real Estate and Facility Managers

Building Information Models are increasingly used by owners and operators of buildings.

Benchmarq can provide the facility or estates manager with a BIM model that serves as a document containing highly detailed and accurate information about a facility. The model can include data relating to the architectural, structural and MEP elements and also details such as design and construction information, fabrication models and maintenance details.

Details include:

  • Facility information such as serial codes, warranties and operational data.
  • The maintenance data of individual building components.
  • Dynamic updates to the Building model as the facility changes through spatial alterations, renovation work and maintenance. The BIM model is kept current for future renovations and facility management.

Point Cloud Survey

Benchmarq can provide a comprehensive data capture service using the latest 3D laser scanning technology to carry out point cloud surveys.

We use a range of 3D laser scanners each with different capabilities dependant on the size and nature of the job. With a tripod mounted scanner buildings and infrastructure assets can be captured in 3D fast and accurately. We can then take this data and using our in-house expertise to create 3D computer models.

Benefits of point cloud data:

  • Very quick and accurate survey data collection.
  • Scans can record the reflectivity of surfaces generating an intensity value and RGB values for each point from inbuilt cameras.
  • When a site is scanned, an extremely accurate point cloud data set, made up of millions of points each with a 3D value in space is generated, this is then used as a scaffold for the 3D model.
Image courtesy of Geosphere 4D

Measured Building Survey

Benchmarq can provide a complete range of measured building survey services including; floor plans, sections, elevations and structural details.

All elements of the building can be surveyed independently or as part of a co-ordinated survey which will reference the floor plans, elevations, topographical surveys and any underground survey to a common grid and level datum. We can then deliver this data as 3D building models or 2D drawings for refurbishments, alterations or record purposes.

Topographical Survey

Benchmarq can arrange for a Topographical Survey of your site to establish the contours of the ground being surveyed and the exact positioning of features such as trees, buildings, roads, walls, manholes etc on and around the area being mapped.

We can utilise the above information to produce 2D drawings, 3D Digital terrain models and GIS data.

Aerial Surveys

In addition to the ground based surveys, Benchmarq also offer Aerial Drone Surveys.

This relatively inexpensive operation allows the survey of areas that are difficult to access on foot as well as large expansive sites.

In addition Aerial Surveys, an Aerial Drone can also be to carry out panoramic photographs at set intervals and combined with a gimbal mounted scanner we can collect georeferenced level data and create a 3D digital ground model.

Aerial Drones can facilitate surveys without the need for scaffolding, cranes or climbing teams and therefore often prove to be the quickest and most cost effective option for many projects.


Whether you need assistance for a specific project or are looking for a long-term partner, Benchmarq can assist with your CAD requirements. We can provide engineering and drafting services in:

  • Drafting and detailing.
  • As-built drawings.
  • Structural design.
  • Steel detailing.
  • Precast detailing.
  • Civil engineering.
  • Highway and roadway design detailing.
  • Facilities management drawings.
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3D Visualisation

If you need to convey an idea or communicate a vision, Benchmarq have the expertise to create compelling 3D visualisations that will help you do this.

We create high quality photorealistic 3D animations and imagery for internal and external views of buildings and larger sites.

Quality visualisations can make the difference between winning and losing a project and Benchmarq is here to help you win.

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