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Architectural Services

Working with local architectural consultants based in Sussex, we can offer a number of architectural services from design through to project management.

Our consultants follow the NEC Form of Contract which has proved its worth by providing early warning signs of possible problems that could have an impact on the cost of projects.

We use the latest BIM procedures to model buildings in 3D using industry standard Autodesk Revit software. The design can then be interrogated using this model to remove any potential structure clashes, which could result in slower construction times and increased costs.


Architectural Services our consultants can provide:

  • Preliminary/feasibility studies
  • Detailed surveying and drawing of existing buildings and sites
  • Architectural design
  • Principal designers role under CDM regulations
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Obtaining Local Authority approvals
  • Space planning and interior design
  • Planning and implementation of relocation
  • Planning and programming for all categories of work
  • Tender and contract administration

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