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Corporate Office Interiors and Exteriors

If your requirement is to communicate and demonstrate an idea or a vision or to help win a project, we have the knowledge and expertise to create compelling 3D imagery and animations that will help you attain your goals.

Using state of the art CAD software such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max and Adobe Photoshop we can design 3D visualisations of office interiors and exteriors and add real life elements such as vehicles, vegetation and workstations to recreate a realistic working office environment.

Interior Design Visualisation

Another service we can provide is interior design visualisation. Using CAD drawings and textures we can create high-quality renders which can be used as a marketing and sales tool for potential design concepts.

Our designers have worked on a wide variety of projects – from restaurants and bars to office interiors, we can provide a superior 3D visualisation service.

CGI Architectural

What sets us apart from other architectural visualisation companies is that we are an Authorised Autodesk Partner and have access and an in-depth knowledge of the latest 3D visualisation software including 3ds Max, Maya and Showcase.

We can design eye-catching photo realistic CGI visualisations of your architecture projects using technology such as laser scanning to recreate the structure down to pinpoint accuracy.

Our designers have worked on a variety of CGI architectural visualisation projects including property development schemes, airport redesigns and stadium visualisations across the globe.

Architectural 3D Walkthroughs

3D architectural visualisations are a great way to showcase design visions that can be used in marketing and sales environments; helping to visualise a proposal or close a deal.

Realistic features can be added to the animation such as people, vehicles and vegetation to create a lifelike, photo-realistic walkthrough.

Mechanical Design

Where customers require photo-realistic visuals, either static or animated, we can provide high-quality 3D modelling and visualisation services using the latest technology. Our visualisations take account not only of the colour and texture properties of the object to be visualised but also the environment in which it is placed, including lighting conditions, reflections and shadowing.

Animations can also be produced for kinematic assemblies, showing the interactions of component parts, potential interference and clashes.

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